Will Martin


“I was really impressed with how professional and knowledgeable you are, you made me feel I was in safe hands - your service is brilliant and tailor-made - I will definitely be recommending you!”

- Rita

"Will has been a life-changer for me. He identified what was wrong and has provided a simple-to-follow plan for me to start making improvements as well as a timeline for future steps. He's given me so much hope for the future that rather than having to live with my symptoms I can improve them, and even resolve them. With his empathetic demeanour he's been so thorough in understanding both my mental and physical challenges, as well as offering solutions tailored to my needs rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Thank you Will!

- olivia

My daughter was struggling on some fronts and I found it very difficult to give her the right support. I felt like she was stuck in a vicious circle, which started over the summer break when she enjoyed way too much junk food and didn’t have as much physical activity as she usually does when she is at school. She couldn’t seem to get out of it and was resisting any type of advice coming from me. She was very negative about everything in her life, even her passions. I was very worried about her and her mental health.

She was finding it difficult to settle down at night, she slept late and really struggled to get up the next morning. She started her day feeling frustrated and low. She just didn’t feel good about herself, reached out too often for sugary snacks, her skin was very irritated, spots everywhere, and her energy levels very low during the school day.  When she told me that she had fallen asleep in class one afternoon, I started taking a closer look and also found out that she was skipping lunch. That’s when I decided she needed support from someone other than myself - probably from anyone but from me!! 

I immediately reached out to him and got him started with my daughter who was surprisingly open to the idea and very receptive. I think Will found a good way to connect with her, working towards her goals which were clearly: 1) to improve energy levels and concentration at school, 2) to improve her skin and 3) to work her on body image.

Will took a look at what she was consuming on a normal school day, gave her advice on how she could easily improve her choices, avoid foods which are actually quite harmful to us, all by explaining why this is so important, how these foods impact our body and ultimately will help her achieve her goals.

He regularly contacted her to see how she was doing and gave her the space and opportunity to open up if she had made some wrong choices. I really liked how all of a sudden she would tell me that she hadn’t eaten the right foods that day. She went to bed knowing that she would do better the next day and that it was all ok. I tried to stay out of it as much as possible, but I could observe a huge change in her eating habits. She didn’t cut out sugars or other foods she likes so much, but she started making more conscious choices, reducing treats from 3 to 1 a day and eventually to 1 every other day. She would bring along small snacks in case she felt very hungry and she started getting up earlier to make herself a healthy breakfast. With time she even added different types of vegetables.

Will encouraged her to try one new vegetable a week which she did half of the time and which I consider to be a huge achievement! He recommended supplements specifically for her, these seem to be helping her too. 
She is much more lively now, less down and tired. The quality of her skin has improved a lot too. 
I am extremely happy with the results, I think she has a well balanced lifestyle now, for a 13 year old, and she makes very conscious decisions it comes to nutrition. Knowing how stubborn my daughter is, I had quite some doubts as to whether she would ever change anything, but Will seems to have found the right way to communicate with her, creating a trusting and caring relationship, enabling her to let down her guard and open up to new possibilities. I think this was an important milestone for her.
Will is about to start the program with my son who has ADD - I am very excited to see the positive results!

- parent of 13 year old

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